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What to wear

We have no strict dress code at Huntingdon, although smart dress is preferred in Hospitality areas. We advise to dress for the weather, however racing doesn't happen every day, so why not treat your visit as a special occasion?

What to wear to Huntingdon Racecourse

Come rain or shine, a race day at Huntingdon is a truly memorable experience. With events happening all year round, it’s important to plan your special day in advance to get the most out of our facilities and attractions. One of the most important preparations to make is what you might wear to that next steeplechase, hurdles or flat race.

While we take a smart casual approach when it comes to race day attire, we always encourage visitors to dress their best. After all, we like to think of a race day as no ordinary day! Whether you’re going to the Peterborough Steeplechase in frosty December or Newcomers Day in sunny May, discover how to dress for a day spent outdoors at Huntingdon Racecourse. 

Dressing for spring and summer races


Although we don’t operate strict rules on hem lengths and strap types, we do like to see ladies dressed to impress for a day at Huntington racecourse. If you’re unsure exactly how smart you should go, consider what you might where to a wedding and you’ve hit the nail on the head. Smart daywear with a hint of playfulness, dresses and hats are definitely on the cards.

Going to a race day at Huntingdon on a sunny day in spring or summer is pleasant and enjoyable- but you’ll need to plan for a change in weather. When the sun’s glaring down, make sure you take along a sunhat with a wide brim as well as a pair of sunglasses. Just in case it starts to cloud over, a floaty wrap or light jacket will give you some extra warmth without spoiling your summery vibe. We’d also recommend packing a thin mac or smart raincoat for emergencies.


As with the ladies, all you men visiting Huntingdon racecourse should take a smart casual approach to dressing. In summer, a light suit in a breathable fabric or a pair of tailored trousers with a smart shirt is recommended. As it’s the warmer months, why not wear lighter colours that will look seasonal and keep you cooler on hot days? A jacket or light raincoat is also a great idea for days where rain is expected.

We don’t allow trainers so consider a pair of comfortable loafers or brogues instead. Taking your shirt off is strictly forbidden and we won’t let you to enter wearing ripped clothing, even if you are trying to make a fashion statement. 

Dressing for autumn and winter races


Many of Huntingdon’s most popular fixtures take place between November and March so you’ll want to wrap up. Outerwear is crucial and layering up is a good tactic to take if you are going to be indoors and outside. A warm tailored coat in wool or tweed will compliment your smart style and a pair of heeled boots is a practical alternative to heels. Don’t forget to take gloves and a hat- a cloche or a beret are elegant yet warm options.


Men similarly need to consider their outerwear options for winter race days. Exchange your light suit for a warm woollen version in a plain knit or tweed, and stay extra cosy on icier days with a warm coat on top. Sturdier shoes that can withstand rain (and possibly snow!) like desert boots are recommended, as are some warm accessories like a pair of gloves. 

Fancy Dress

If you are having a day out with a group of friends to honour a special celebration, you may want to stand out from the crowd in some fun outfits. Huntingdon is one of the few racecourses that does permit fancy dress however there are a few small rules we like people to follow. While a t-shirt with a slogan on it might be funny to you, it won’t be permitted if it’s likely to cause offence to any other racegoer. Similarly, inappropriate outfits that flash too much skin won’t be allowed. 

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